Desert Crete Decking System

The complete decking system for your exterior walkways, balconies, and roof decks. This is a top of the line, decking system, it is Class A, one-hour fire rated. There is no limit for your finished look, it can be color stained, stamped, stenciled, or the standard knock down texture, the choice is for you to make.

Desert Flex Deck Restoration System
Great for restoring walkways, balconies, and roof decks that have existing deck systems that need repairs. Desert Flex is easy to apply, and dries fast so there is minimal loss of access for your customers / tenants. Desert Flex Deck Restoration System will do the job for new construction also.

Desert Crete Texture/Overlay System
The Desert Crete Texture/Overlay System is ideal for surfacing aged or newly poured concrete surfaces and can be used to attractively finish Desert Crete or Desert Flex Systems. This high quality interior and exterior surfacing system employs high performance acrylic modified cements combined with a unique pigmentation process for color enhancement while utilizing state of the art patterns, surface textures and designs that can be used in countless ways, even on walls!

Desert Brand Magnesite Flooring
For over sixty years, leading architects have specified durable Desert Brand Magnesite for their interior/exterior floorings. The reasons are many. It's lightweight, yet pound for pound, stronger than concrete. Water-resistant and non-combustible, it lasts thirty years or more when properly applied and maintained.

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